Best APK Apps You Won’t Find in the Google Play Store

Best APK Apps You Won’t Find in the Google Play Store

When it comes to finding apps for your Android, typically you’ll find that you have to go through the Google Play Store. However, there are plenty of APK apps out there which aren’t listed on the Play Store. This can be for any number of reasons – as you may know, Google Play Store has various rules and regulations which an app manufacturer has to follow. Yet some of the best apps don’t – or don’t want to – have to abide by these rules.

We don’t want you to miss out on some quality app action because of this, so here’s our list of the top 10 APK Apps you won’t find in the Google Play Store.

PLEASE NOTE: In order for these apps to work, you will need to enable security on your Android to allow for installation of the app. You can do this by going to Settings and then Security, and allowing the installation of the apps.


Imagine a directory of lyrics carried around in your pocket – this is what QuickLyric brings to the table. However, unlike some other apps, QuickLyric also allows you to download the lyrics and store them on your phone. A quick play with the settings also allows the app to download the lyrics of any new song you add to your phone.

Popcorn Time

Grab your salty buttery treats, because just as the name suggests, Popcorn Time lets you watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Operating on a single click basis, this app lets you see which movies and television shows have been released and that you can easily watch, without you having to struggle to find a torrent.

Torrent Search

When it comes to finding safe, reliable torrents, the internet can truly be the wild west of options. This is where Torrent Search comes into its own – it searches all major torrent sites for the file that you want, and lets you download with a single click, saving you time AND heartache.


F-Droid is a directory of every app that is available as open-source and for those of you looking for APK apps away from the Play Store is essential. It is regularly updated with the newest of apps, and thanks to the spirit of open-source, you’ll find some of the best apps around on this app.

Amazon UnderGround

There are plenty of APK apps to be found on Amazon, but in order to work your way through them, you first need to see what’s available. This is where Amazon UnderGround comes into its own – offering you free and paid apps and games.

Please note: Some of these apps may have geographical restrictions on them, so take a look at our guide on getting around geographical restrictions here.


As a file manager, MiXplorer is endlessly helpful for keeping your Android in tip-top condition. Combining the design elements of Solid Explorer and ES File Explorer, it offers both dual pane support and tab support. This makes it easier for you to work in multiple locations at once, so you’ve got no excuse for disorganized files on your phone or tablet anymore!


Back in the day, you could easily download videos from YouTube using any number of apps on the Google Play Store. However, thanks to their new terms of service, you’ll find that it’s become a little trickier. Fear not, Tubemate is here. It’s one of the best apps for downloading YouTube videos, as well as offering an option to rip the music or sound as an mp3 file.


They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and these days it’s more like, there’s no such thing as a free app. In fact, whether you’re downloading apps from the Google Play Store or as APK apps, there’s likely to be a lot of annoying ads. Here comes AdAway to save the day, however. This app allows you to remove all ads from every app on your Android. Best of all, it’s regularly updated, meaning that if an advert slips through the cracks, it’ll be picked up in no time.

Please note: This app requires providing root access to your Android.


Fancy watching a TV live stream straight from your phone? Well, with Mobdro, you can do just that. Offering more than 200 channels for you to choose from, you can watch what you want, when you want, without having the subscription fees of Netflix or Hulu.

Not only that but as it comes with support for a Chromecast, you can easily share it on a bigger screen, meaning that you never have to worry about being stuck somewhere without something to enjoy!

Xposed Framework

One of the reasons that people choose to go for an Android over any of the alternatives comes from the ability you have to personalize and customize your device the way that you want it. Xposed Framework is an app that allows you to do just this through using your sub-applications known as modules.

Please note: To make this app fully functional, you will need a rooted Android device to find yourself able to run the customizations that you’re looking for.

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